About Us

Spokandy today

We are over a 100 Years old!! We look forward to our next Century here!!

Quality is the finest product of Spokandy today. Quality exists in each and every piece of candy and is hand packed into each and every box. Quality will not be sacrificed at any cost. Customers can be assured that they are getting the finest chocolate produced in the Pacific Northwest. Each chocolate is made in the tradition that began centuries ago and will be carried for centuries to come.

Thank you for choosing Spokandy for your gift giving. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to call me personally at 1-800-721-2731. TODD DAVIS

Our history

Tradition plays a daily role in the making of superb fresh candy at Spokandy. The very same candy making traditions are being practiced today as when Terrence J. Riley opened his candy store in 1913. Now known as Spokandy, we use the best recipes, select the finest ingredients and give the same personal care we have given over our candy making history to create delectable chocolate specialties.

Mr. Riley started the business with a delightful treat the “Murphy.” It is still made according to his original recipe. The fresh vanilla mellow center is whipped, then hand-dipped in pure milk chocolate and finally rolled individually, in fresh toasted coconut. All Spokandy selections, from the finest butter cremes to the varied selections of nut clusters, are made today as they were in Terrence J. Riley’s time with the finest raw ingredients, pure chocolate and no additives,  and no wax added. All hand-dipped nut selections are made from the finest roasted nuts available.